Saturday, March 22, 2008

On thursdsay, March20th in PRECAL20s the only thing we did for notes was:



There were two assignments handed out on thursday they were PAGE:120,37-44, and the class had to finish the rest of the orange booklet.

Thise post was added by Dustin G. Woods


Nicole L. (Mentor) University of Regina said...

I'm glad that you used an example, however you didn't explain what happened in each step of your example. How did you arrive at these factors? Is there a name for this factoring process? I think you left these things out simply because you know what you meant, however, when taking notes for a wider audience, try stepping back and reading your examples while pretending you weren't present in your class. What wouldn't you be able to understand in the example you gave if you hadn't attended class that day?

Nicole L. (Mentor) University of Regina

Ste. Anne Collegiate - PreCal 20S 2008 said...

Thank you Dustin. I agree with Nicole's comments! Mrs. Remple