Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Operations with radicals

Today we were learning and recalling on radicals.

  • Ex. In order to add or subtract variables, the variable must be the same.
  • The same is true when adding or subtracting radicals.
  • The Part under th eradical must be exactly the same!!!

We didn't do much notes but more examples on how to:
Multiply a radical by a binomial && Radial Binomial Multiplication.

We also did 2 different assignments.

One was on -->Page 23 # 9 - 28 odd
the other was -->Page 23 # 29 - 35

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Ste. Anne Collegiate - PreCal 20S 2008 said...

Including some examples would make this post more helpful to anyone that missed class. Thank you for including the assignments. Mrs. Remple